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Attention Windows NT, 2000, & XP Users!

Three new operating versions of the Windows Operating System have appeared since our software was printed to CD for distribution.

Unfortunately, this creates a little bit of a problem as an extra support file is required to be in the directory where the program executable resides for our software programs to function correctly on computers running these operating systems.

This problem presents as a dialog box similar to the one shown below, which appears when one of our programs is launched.

vct32161.dll error dialog.

Fortunately, if you click "OK", the program will usually continue with no problems arising in the software functionality. However, we are providing a solution so that you no longer see this error, as experiencing any error may be disconcerting.

The missing file may be downloaded easily from this site and placed in the proper location, however, as you cannot copy a file onto a Read-Only CD, the folder containing the program must first be copied to your harddrive, and then the downloaded file placed in that folder with the program.

Keep in mind that you will still need the original CD in your drive if you wish to view the movies or listen to the audios referenced within the program. (The KidTools programs have no CD media and may be used without the CD in your drive.)

This problem affects the following software distributions:

  1. Program I (Perspectives) (Perspectives, Planning Guides)
  2. Program I (Perspectives) Early Childhood (Trisha, ECSE Guides)
  3. Program III (Instruction) (Instruction, Teacher Tools, Tool Resources)
  4. Program III (Instruction) Early Childhood (Chelsea, Teacher Tools, Tool Resources)
  5. KidTools*** (First Step KidTools, Second Step KidTools, Teacher Tools, Tool Resources)

    *** We highly recommend users of KidTools download the latest updated versions of these programs from http://KidTools.missouri.edu/

These distributions have the file and are unaffected:
  1. Program II (Assessment) (Jimmy, Joyce, Observation Practice)
    [This applies to both Version 1(02) and Version 1(03)]
  2. KidSkills (Version 10.10.02) (First Step KidSkills, Second Step KidSkills, KidSkills Orientation, Skill Resources)
  3. KidSkills (Version 03.03.04) (First Step KidSkills, Second Step KidSkills, KidSkills Orientation, Skill Resources, Teaching Strategies)

Instructions to correct this problem:

  1. Begin by confirming that you are running the offending version of Windows. If you are unsure which operating system you are using, simply right-click the "My Computer" icon located on your desktop (On most computers), and select "Properties". This will open up a dialogue box with the operating system version printed within. If there is no "My Computer" (or similar) icon on your desktop, you may pretty safely assume that you are using Windows XP.

  2. Second, open the CD which contains the program you wish to use. Locate the folder containing the that program. For instance, if you wished to use the Perspectives program located on the Perspectives CD, double-click the Perspectives CD icon to view the CD contents. Then locate the folder named Perspectives.

  3. Once you have found the appropriate folder, left-click and drag the folder to an easily locatable location like, for instance, your Desktop, or to the root of the C:\ harddrive. This will open a 'Copy' dialogue and begin copying the folder and its contents to your chosen location. Be sure to remember this location for the rest of this process.

  4. Once the 'Copy' process has completed and the dialogue box gone away, click
    « here »
    to download the file to your computer. A dialog box may open asking what you wish to do with this file. Be sure that you instruct it to save to your disk or computer, and not to "Open" or "Run" it. If it asks you where on your computer you wish to save it, locate the folder you've just copied off the CD and instruct it to save within that folder.

  5. If you were able to save the file into the folder you copied off of your CD in the last step, then you're done and you need only double-click that folder to open and then double-click the executable program inside to run the program.

    If you were not allowed to choose where your browser saved the file, it likely means that your browser has a setting where the folder to which it saves all downloaded files to is set.

    You will need to determine what this predetermined location is. Very often this location is the Desktop on your computer.

    Once you've determined this location and located the downloaded file, drag the file into the directory you copied off of the CD in step III of these directions. This should copy or move the downloaded file into that directory. Once the file finishes copying or moving, you are done. Simply double-click the directory to open and then double-click the executable program inside to run the program.

  6. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.

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Page last updated August 20 2007 06:35:30